• Program Themes

    Give us a brief, share your learning objectives and our team will customize a learning program to cater to your students. Explore some themes we offer as part of our learning journeys.

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    Social and Cultural Anthropology

    Cultural Diversity and Globalization.

    Social Media and its influence.

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    Environmental Anthropology

    Investigate indigenous cultural perspectives on ecological knowledge and sustainable practices.

    Examining the impact of human activities on ecosystems and climate change

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    Art and Culture Interactions

    Learn an artform, local dance, music, etc. 

    Make a documentary, picture story or a play around your village experience

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    Journey of Food

    Farm-to-plate experiences

    Understanding agriculture supply chains

    Volunteering at local farms

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    Rural Markets and Consumer Culture

    Understanding rural markets - a comparative study - prices, brands and consumer choices. (urban vs rural)

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    Nature Trails

    Nature scavenger hunt.

    Interaction with the ecosystem.

    Understanding the food chain.

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    Understanding Local Biodiversity

    Exploring local ecosystems and biodiversity

    Threats to biodiversity and conservation

    Biodiversity data management- biodiversity encyclopedia

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    Rural Settlement Studies

    Understanding traditional design

    Design and social development

    Resource and Institution mapping

    Historical transact of resources

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    Local School Interactions

    Career Goals and Knowledge exchange

    Collaborative art projects

    Rural Olympics - learn and compete in local games

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    Explore Coastal Biodiversity

    Explore the coastal ecosystems

    Interacting with the fishing community

    Ecological balance and human wellbeing

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    Rural Immersions

    Shadow a village family

    Understand traditional livelihoods

    Understandin rural perspectives