• Grassroutes Connect

    Connecting Businesses and Institutions

    to Rural India


    We facilitate behavioral and functional programs for businesses and institutions through experiential learning



    We offer a network of villages across rural India.


    We collaborate with the best in industry practitioners to deliver the best learning outcomes.

  • Businesses and Rural India

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    • With 13.1% of the world’s population, rural India represents the single largest potential market
    • It accounts for 53% of FMCGs and 59% of durable sales in India.
    • Consumption in rural areas is growing at 1.5 times the rate in urban areas
    • Today’s $12 billion consumer goods market in rural India is expected to hit $100 billion by 2025 (-A.C Nielsen)

    The rural market has therefore become vital for the growth of most companies.

  • Educational Institutions and Rural India

    Immersive learning experiences for the younger generation can have several benefits.

    • Understanding rural India fosters social awareness and empathy towards its challenges.
    • It cultivates appreciation for India's diverse cultural heritage.
    • It provides insights into the economic significance of agriculture and rural livelihoods.
    • Students can critically analyze government policies aimed at rural development.
    • It equips students to propose sustainable development solutions tailored to rural contexts.
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  • The Grassroutes Value Proposition